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Crossword for Palm - Frequently Asked Questions

Crossword for Palm - Frequently Asked Questions

Puzzles... Puzzles... Puzzles...

Q: Where to get new puzzles?
A: In addition to over 300 puzzles bundled with BeCrossword there is many publishers of crosswords in internet who are offering puzzles in Across Lite format (.puz files), many of them are totally free, you can find some links to publishers in the Links section of this web-site, but there is much more available in internet, so you may use google or any other search engine to find puzzles you need, there is really huge amount of them available for your attention!

Q: How to download files from internet?
A: You can download puzzles directly to BeCrossword, using download feature (available via main menu of BeCrossword), you need only to provide web-link to a .puz file in internet. Alternatively, you can download puzzles first to your PC and then synchronize to your Palm.

Q: There is two file types .puz and .pdb, what's the difference?
A: Both files are files of Across Lite puzzle format. But .pdb file is converted to format which is required to be installed to Palm memory only, whereas .pdb files can by synchronized to the memory card only (note: some older devices have no memory card support, therefore all bundled puzzles are in .pdb format to maximize compatibility).

Q: How to move my .puz to the Palm if I do not have memory card, and my desktop is not Windows?
A: Use our free web service for converting Across Lite puzzles from .puz to .pdb format just click here

Q: How to install puzzles to a memory card?
A: If you are using Palm Quick Install tool, just double-click on .puz files and next time you'll synchronize these files will go to your memory card. And if you are using some other way to install puzzle files, keep in mind two things: (1) Put .puz files in to a Crossword folder, and (2) only .puz files can go to that folder (which means .pdb files must to go to a main memory only).

Sales and registration.

Q: I've purchased new device and my registration code doesn't works anymore, what to do?
A: Your registration code is linked to your HotSync ID. Even when you've purchased new device, you can use same HotSync ID so in most of cases we hope that you will not experience this kind of problem. However, if you did cahnged your HotSync ID from whatever reason, please send us an e-mail with new registration request, it's free, all what we need to know is your purchase information (normally your e-mail is enough is it's same e-mail form which you've make a purchase) and new HotSync ID.

Q: Why the price is so low?
A: Because we prefer to have more people buying our products rather then keeping price high. However if you want, you can make a donation ;-) Just buy more then one copy of BeCrossword.


Q: I've send you a question but got no answer, how come?
A: Normally we are trying to answer on questions as fast as we can (especially registration/HotSync change question have priority #1). But some questions may require some development fixing from our side, this may take quite some time until we'll reply. Also there is some other kind of e-mail we may never answer, for example, if question concerns how to work with your Palm, you better refer to manual or Palm technical support - we are selling our product for really low price and simply have no resource to do such kind of training, it's not even our responsibility.