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Crossword for Pocket PC - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why have I got error message "Error 401 - Authorization Required" when I download puzzles from some links?
A: Some sites request subscription for download puzzles. You must registration on this sites then enter user name and password in link property
(go to Memu > Downlaod > Select need item > Edit >Enter user name and password)

List of sites that request subscription:
  • www.NYTimes.com for - The New York Times (Daily).
  • www.uPuzzles.com for Jonesin (Tuesday), T.V (Sunday), Family Time (Sunday, Monday), Net Word (Sunday).

  • Sales and registration.

    Q: I've purchased new device and my registration code doesn't works anymore, what to do?
    A: Your registration code is linked to your Device ID. Device ID is Owner Name, which you can see in BeCrosword registration dialog. If you did cahnged your device, please send us an e-mail with new registration request, it's free, all what we need to know is your purchase information (normally your e-mail is enough is it's same e-mail form which you've make a purchase) and new Device ID

    Q: Why the price is so low?
    A: Because we prefer to have more people buying our products rather then keeping price high. However if you want, you can make a donation ;-) Just buy more then one copy of BeCrossword.


    Q: I've send you a question but got no answer, how come?
    A: Normally we are trying to answer on questions as fast as we can (especially registration/HotSync change question have priority #1). But some questions may require some development fixing from our side, this may take quite some time until we'll reply. Also there is some other kind of e-mail we may never answer, for example, if question concerns how to work with your device, you better refer to manual or manufacturer technical support - we are selling our product for really low price and simply have no resource to do such kind of training, it's not even our responsibility.

         BeCrossword  was released not that long time ago, right now we are collecting yours questions in order to qualify most frequently asked ones. More answers will come here shortly.