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BeCrossword for Pocket PC
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Price:   $14.95  $12.95
    Latest crossword puzzles from L.A.Times, W.Post, H.Chronicle, USA TODAY, Thinks.com, uclick, MacNamara's Band Inc and much more, daily come to your pocket

Minimum Requirements:
    Pocket PC 2003 or later, 1 MB of free RAM

    Be Crossword is a handy application for getting and solving crossword puzzles on the palm of your hand without paper and pen, without PC or notebook. Latest crossword puzzles across the world in most popular Across Lite (.puz) and uclick (.xml) formats from most famous publishers in the world such as Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, MacNamara's Band Inc, Thinks.com, uclick Puzzle Society as well as from many others, daily come to your pocket with just a few stylus taps. The great feature set of BeCrossword adds more pleasure to solving crossword puzzles, while the highly intuitive and attractive user interface adds more beauty to your life.

Surprisingly huge amount of fresh crossword puzzles taken from many of above crossword publishers are carefully compiled together and included in the installation bundle.

Key Features:
  • Puzzle Solving:
    • Easy checking of entered words/letters (highlight of wrong letters)
    • Hint (possibility to reveal specified letter, word, or entire puzzle)
    • All clues list (with possibility to highlight solved clues)
    • Scroll bars (with possibility to hide) and also very convenient "Tap & Move" scrolling. So it is possible to navigate a puzzle of any size without limitations, very conveniently with single stylus taps.
  • Puzzle management:
    • Native support of Literate Software Systems Across Lite (.puz) and uclick (.xml) puzzle formats used by most if not all crossword publishers in the world, such as Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, MacNamara's Band Inc, Thinks.com, uclick Puzzle Society - list is almost endless, just enter in Google 'crossword puzzle download' or 'crossword puzzle <your favorite publisher>', or something like this. It means that with BeCrossword you can open and solve most if not all of the electronically published crosswords in the world.
    • Puzzle Internet Downloader. Download new puzzles every day directly in BeCrossword with just a few stylus taps, using ActiveSync or wireless internet connection. Almost all of the crossword puzzle publishers listed above and lots of other entertainment web sites publish and regularly (usually daily or weekly) update new puzzles on a same web link, so you can get new puzzles on the go, most of them for free. Such links are already compiled together and predefined in BeCrossword for your convenience. Are you ready for the solving of at least five of the freshest puzzles every day? ;-). Is it not enough? Then you are free to find and add more and more regularly updated links in the internet
    • Paid subscriptions such as uclick Puzzle Society membership are supported as well, as users can store their valid subscription user name and password in BeCrossword.
    • Fast and high rate gzip compression support saves megabytes of memory on your handheld as well as a tiny bit of money in cases of use of an expensive wireless internet connection (such as GPRS). All bundled puzzles as well as those downloaded from predefined links are compressed.
    • Move installed puzzles from main handheld memory to card and back
    • Beam puzzles
    • Send and receive puzzles via handheld's email client (e.g. Inbox application etc.)
    • Puzzle details (Title, Author, Copyrights etc.)
  • Application Interface:
    • Floating keyboard
    • Zoom. Possibility to choose between small, medium or large cells in crossword view, whichever is most convenient for your eyes
    • Customizable colors
    • Customizable layout of clue and grid panels. So it is possible to show or hide scroll bars and also the handy splitter, to put the clue panel at the top or bottom of the grid panel, and finally to vary size of clue and grid panels with a handy splitter
    • Handy toolbar
    • 5-way D-Pad navigation support

It's better to see once then 100 times to hear, it's better to try once then 100 times to see. So just look at the screenshots, download BeCrossword and enjoy the free 30-day trial without limitations!

Sincerely yours,

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